Cook's Blog 28: Just Jesting man.

Hola! Bonjour! And indeed, alreet.

If you haven't heard of JESTING ABOUT then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? My guess is that you have probably been in a region outside of Newcastle.  Because that is where Jesting About is made.

Way back in Ye Olde year of 2012 BC I was a winner of the BBC competition Jesting About 2. Back then I was a slip of a girl, waif-like and dreamy - just like a Kit Kat. As part of the programme I embarked on a series of master-classes in comedy which taught me everything I know (EVEN ABOUT MATHS AND LEG SHAVING) and wrote and performed a comedy sketch show for BBC radio.  It was a dream come true for a *West-Texan girl like me. (*Whitley Bay)

This year I was asked to present the new series of Jesting About which is about to hit the air-waves!  It is choc full of BRILLIANT comedy talent from the North East.  You should keep your ears peeled to listen in to some quality stand up, sketches and songs and keep your eyes peeled incase someone has left a five pound note on the ground.

Kind weeguards,

Me x