Cook Blog Number 30: The Dog Ate My Homework

You know when someone asks you to go up to Scotland for work and you try to play it all cool because SCOTLAND IS THE BEST PLACE EVER and you don't want to seem to eager, so you're like 'Erm...yeah.  I'll check my diary and see if I can make it up there.' Then you can't sit still for two weeks because you're excited to go and spend some time in Scotland, then you get there and make a really awesome (BAFTA WINNING) TV show and have loads of fun in Glasgow and eat THE BEST CURRY EVER and stay in a hotel room WITH TWO BEDS even though you only need one bed and in your room there is a TROUSER PRESS THAT LOOKS LIKE A TOILET so you press your trousers in it and they come out wet and you realise it was ACTUALLY A TOILET then it's time to come home so you buy loads of COLIN CATERPILLERS to eat on the train but then you realise you're going to miss your train so you have to run across the platform with half a Colin Caterpiller hanging out your mouth but in the rush you sliiiiiide across the floor and accidentally take a photo of your leg as you slide but the people of Scotland are SO BRILLIANT they only laugh a bit and some school children even help you up and luckily you don't miss the train and as your train pulls out the station away from Glasgow you mentally shout 'Goodbye Scotland, lets not leave it so long til the next visit okay!' But then you realise you are actually saying it out loud and the man who is sitting in the chair next to you gets up and moves to another chair.  That.