Cook's Blog Number 15: Volcanose


The month: June. 

The place: A Volcano.

The person: Me at the top of the volcano waving at you.

I travelled to Sicily this month to make some sketches for a brilliant CBBC show called ALL OVER THE PLACE: EUROPE - as this series is set in Europe, which is on the same planet as Africa.

The show is hosted by Ed Petrie who is not only very funny and warm but also has toes that look a bit like spoons which  I found incredibly intimidating at first.

As I climbed the volcano I thought of all the exciting things you can do at the top of the crater...

1. Throw in a ring.

2. Dip your soldiers in it.

3. Make a European pop video.

I didn't do any of these however because my first task was to be a Geordie interviewing a Sicilian man who can't speak English or Victorian. Things got tough and I began to fantasise about simpler times when I worked as an Elf in the Metro Centre.  Luckily this was only what they call a 'baptism of fire' and not an actual fire which could of popped out the volcano at any point.  

Ed and the crew made me laugh so hard during filming I am pretty sure I'll look like I'm having an asthma attack on most of the takes. I can't wait to see the final show.

Yours breathlessly,

Me, 33