Cook's Blog Number 14: Life. Oh Life. Doodoodoodoo

Hello you.

The place was The Toon.  We were filming a few  excerpts for CBBC'S NEWCASTLE LIVE! Event.

In this particular scene I had to run across the Millennium Bridge screaming 'I LOOOOOOOOOVE NEEEEEEEEWCAAAAAAAASTTTTTTLEEEEEE!' Which - if I'm honest - was a pleasure,  I do love Newcastle. And the Millennium Bridge.  Whack those two things together and you've got a Geordie pig rolling in poop.

 Why Eye.

Why Eye.

On this occasion, however, the camera was out of sight to the public, way across the bridge.  We were going for the seventh take.  A small crowd had gathered on top of the Baltic to watch me curiously running back and forth in a pink jumpsuit across the Millennium Bridge - in the rain - screaming something about Newcastle.  At one point I even rolled on the floor and threw in the odd "high" kick. I pointed at the camera that they couldn't see and yelled, 'IT'S OKAY - THEY'RE FILMING ME!' To which some joker yelled back, 'Ah aye! They're filming me too pet!'  

Afterwards an elderly man approached me, put his hand on my arm and said 'Good for you flower.'

All in all a wonderful day.

Yours artistically,

Victoria Cook