Cook's Blog Number 13: Life Imitating Art


This has been a difficult week.  I woke up to find the new cat chewing my foot and I read 'Picasso' by Daniele Boon.

'Picasso' is a hard read.  Not just because I bought it in Italy and it's all written in Italian (They call it Italics over there.) 'Picasso' is a hard read because it PAINFULLY mirrors my OWN LIFE.

For your pleasure I have compared and contrasted 'Picasso' with an excerpt from my own autobiography 'A Life Less Geordinary' which is available - hopefully in hologram form - from 2017.

Let's begin.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in a large white house in Malaga, Southern Spain...


Victoria Cook was born in a small dark coal mining cottage in Northern England. 

Spooked?  I was too. May we read on?  Oui.

His Catalan friends got into the habit of calling him by his mother's name...Picasso 


Her Geordie friends got in the habit of calling her by the name they all called her mother...Squint-eye Flathead.

I resolve to carry Picasso's legacy heavy on my perfectly sculpted shoulders.

Your friend in the field,

Victoria Cook, 32, a field.