Cook's Blog Number 11: Science Fact


(Which is Welsh for 'Hello', for readers not in Wales).

Today I went to the London Science museum, which is also not in Wales.  I found out that science is linked to most things in life for example - space, the environment and science.

As I walked around the exhibits I thoughtfully thought about all the scientific achievements we have made to date like putting a man on the moon, shuttlecocks and that time we saved the future of all humankind by killing the Terminator.

You can therefore imagine my dismay to find that most UK scientists seem more concerned with studying the blowing of massive bubbles and putting their tiny scientist hands all over plasma balls.

What a shame for science that's what I say.  Especially when other countries are steaming ahead in the scientific market with inventions like this... 

Kind regard,

Victoria Cook (PhD)

*Legal disclaimer: PhD stands for 'Personal hygiene Disputer.'