Cook's Blog Number 21: Remember, remember the ? November

Hi friend!

People often approach me, look directly in the space between my eye and rasp, 'You look so great Vic... what's your secret?'

Allow me to dive elge.

It's Genetics. 

Yes you heard me.  Genetics - that famous band starring Phil Collins. I've been indulging in hit's like Too Deep, Invisible Touch and I'm a Slave 4 U for many years, which has really had an effect on my mental wellbeing.

Apart from that and stroking a kitten every day, I'd say choosing a job you love is also an important x-factor in feeling great.

Here are some tips in choosing a job...

Number 3:  Try not to pick a career in sailing, I just heard a song on the radio called Don't Pay The Ferry Man. With that kind of prejudice being pumped across the airwaves, I'd say working on a boat is a giant no-no. Even if it looks like this.

Number 2:  Always work with children and animals. Or don't. I forget.

Number 3: Try and do well in your exams. Especially maths. 

Yours numberellically,

Vic, 224.