Cook's Blog Number 9: The Dog Ate My Homework

I know what's going on here.  You're sitting at home with a bag of Quavers and your feet resting up on the child, thinking 'You know what my life is missing?  More Victoria Cook.'


Simply tune into CBBC to watch the brilliantly funny The Dog Ate My Homework on Fridays.  This week behold my beaming face mincing alongside great comedy talent such as Sam and Mark, Rom Ranganathan, Bec Hill and Victoria Cook. Yeah I said my name again.

My personal highlight of filming the show came when I was evacuated from the hotel at 3am in my pyjamas and made to stand on the bank of the River Clyde for an hour while a man named RODDY shouted the name of every guest in the hotel except mine.  He even called out the name of a man called 'Rory Growler' which I think he had made up just to make himself titter. 

If you're reading this RODDY don't worry I made it out ok.  

Your pal,

V Cook

 Sensible footwear for running away from fires.

Sensible footwear for running away from fires.