Cook's Blog Number 1: Wild Wild West (Bolton)

Earlier in the year I wrote two plays for the brilliant Stone Soup and today I went for a meeting with them in their offices at Bolton Wildlife Trust Centre. I could tell the Wildlife Trust Centre were serious about wildlife because they had gone all out and tied some dogs to the railings outside their office. 

 As wild as wildlife can be.

As wild as wildlife can be.

Although dogs aren't technically classed as wildlife I think they should be as there are many interesting breeds that can be spotted hunting food around the bins in Bolton. 

Before my meeting I nipped to the lav just to check I didn't still have sherbet all around my mouth.

I was in the clear but noticed a little bit of white nut stuck between my two front teeth. Unable to dislodge the nut I tried to prise it out with a green felt tip I found in my bag but I only succeeded in colouring the white nut green.

Now I had a very noticeable green thing stuck between my teeth. I was disgusted at myself but bravely soldiered on to the meeting trying my very best not to laugh, smile or open my mouth. I failed at these. 

Yours selflessly,

V Cook, Manchester