Cook's Blog Number 4: DNN


How is your day? Really? Wow. Hey let's get back to me. Recently we filmed Davina Wave's weather report from the studio in Salford for DNN. Being in the studio is always good because I get to watch Mawaan asleep with his eyes open.

 Big cheese: they smell worse than they look. 

Big cheese: they smell worse than they look. 

For the final shot I had to lie on a wheely trolly and Stacey May would push me across the studio floor while I flapped my arms as if flying - which is funny because this is similar to how I first got tasered. 

It was around this time the 'The Boss' came in to say hello. When I say 'The Boss',  I mean 'The Head Honcho,' or 'The Big Cheese,' or 'The Grand Nacho.'

The first time we met I was riding a giant mechanical bull in Salford Quays, wildly shouting 'HeeeEeEEeeELllllOoooOo' at her as it swung me around willynilly.

The next time I was dancing on a chair in a very posh theatre.  To no music.

So you can imagine my enthusiasm to appear as sane as possible on this - the third meeting.

As I was wheeled over face down on a plastic tea trolly, wearing a fluorescent pink jumpsuit with mustard yellow socks the reality dawned on me that the only way this could look any worse would be if I fell off the trolly.  I shall leave the end of this story to your own imagination.

Yours wistfully,

Me xxx